Social Housing Retrofit Accelerator

Social Housing Retrofit Accelerator

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Social Housing Retrofit Accelerator


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The Social Housing Retrofit Accelerator (SHRA) is a fully-funded support service to help social housing providers across England successfully bid into the Government’s £160m Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF). This support will come in the form of: - A comprehensive knowledge hub providing support and information to guide a housing provider through a retrofit project life cycle. The information draws together industry best practice and guidance. - Workshops, seminars and drop-in sessions on specific focus areas. - One-to-one support that will enable social housing providers to get detailed development input on their proposals, followed by a support plan that is co-designed and agreed.

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All organisations that would like support from the SHRA to help develop their SHDF bids will need to complete a self-assessment to enable us: - Identify projects that are eligible for the in-depth, one-to-one support. - Allocate resources to support eligible projects. - Define a support plan which details what support you will receive.

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