Guardian's Allowance

Guardian's Allowance

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Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)


Subsidise general living costs

primary eligibility


SECONDary eligibility

Guardian to orphaned child
Ordinarily qualify for Child Benefit
Guardian to someone else’s child
At least one parent born in the UK




Income support schemes


Cash grant

what's on offer

You could get £18.55 a week if you’re bringing up a child whose parents have died. You may also be eligible if there’s one surviving parent. The Guardian’s Allowance rate is paid on top of Child Benefit and it’s tax-free. If you adopt a child you may still get Guardian’s Allowance as long as you were getting it before you adopted the child.

how to claim

To avoid losing money, claim Guardian’s Allowance as soon as the child comes to live with you. 1. Fill in the claim form (BG1). 2. Send it to the Guardian’s Allowance Unit with the child’s full birth certificate and the parents’ death certificates (or certificate if one parent has died) - send originals. 3. You should also claim Child Benefit as soon as possible. 4. Guardian’s Allowance can be backdated for up to 3 months.

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