Energy Advice Team (SHINE London)

Energy Advice Team (SHINE London)

solution proViDeR

Islington Council


Subsidise gas and electricity
Improve energy efficiency
Subsidise household appliances
Receive housing advice

primary eligibility


SECONDary eligibility

Low income household
Responsible for child aged under 20 years
Long-term physical or mental health condition or disability`
Special educational needs and disabilities
Suffer from severe health-related condition
Responsible for child aged under 16 years




Energy efficiency schemes


Cash grant

what's on offer

Makes sure that you get all the help you need to stay warm, increase income and stay healthy in your home. SHINE gives practical advice and refers to schemes that reduce the risks associated with hot or cold weather. SHINE provides a single point of access to a large range of services including: Advice on reducing gas and electricity bills, Energy efficiency grants and home visits, Help with gas and electricity debt, Checks to make sure your getting all your benefits, Help if you fall over, Telecare, Checks if your home is dangerous to your health, Fire safety checks, Home security checks, Home from Hospital Service, Air quality alerts, Handyperson Service and many more. The Shine team can also help residents access funding from the Save the Children Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play grant which supports children and families living in need. The grant can provide families with household essentials such as a child's bed, cooker or educational books and toys.

how to claim

For self-referrals, call 0300 555 0195 to speak to an advisor between 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. For third party referrals, please use our online form or email

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